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Louise is the founder of CAMYOGA probably one of the UK's most recognisable yoga brands.

CAMYOGA encompasses a wide range of successful business activities, including two busy yoga studios and a yoga teacher training school, online courses and live streaming, branded yoga products and a new app.

Louise, a self confessed geek and keen marketeer, has a winning formula to share with you. Whether you are a studio owner, a would be studio owner or a self employed teacher, Louise can help you build up your business, design and market your brand, build your website AND become more successful with ease. All Louise's techniques and strategies are underpinned by yoga principles, and encourage highly ethical and positive business practice.

Louise's standing room only lectures at the OM yoga show's have become a series of off the shelf courses covering a variety of topics from marketing to successful self employment.

You can work with Louise via online courses, or via face to face courses at CAMYOGA in Cambridge, or via her highly recommended one-one consultancy.

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What Others Have To Say:

"I repose total confidence in Louise's ability and highly recommend her to anyone who needs help to bring some steerage and expertise to their enterprise. J.L.
"Completely recommend Louise's sessions if you are trying to boost your income - I followed some of her techniques and had a sold out workshop by the end of the week. Thank you". R.T.
"Don't waste your time and money without having done Louise's courses first." L.L.
"Invaluable. Learn from someone who has set up a very successful yoga teaching business from scratch and who has made the business really work by getting to grips with successful marketing." K.R.
"Learn from an intelligent woman who know's what she is taking about." J.L.