My Story

I have been self employed my entire working life, and have run or been involved in a wide variety of businesses, including several online. I cut my teeth in marketing running nightclub promotions, which was an invaluable transferrable skill. I also ran a digital arts and multimedia company so I am very tech savvy - we were running internet projects and web streaming back in the mid 90's. 

That company was also in receipt of arts funding, so I also have experience managing grants and match funding. 

The CAMYOGA brand is now probably one of the most recognisable UK yoga brands, and it is a company I have built quite literally from just one class. Over the past 7 years we have created a successful formula which you can now apply to your business - whatever that business may be.

Part of my formula is working on yourself. Time and time again I have witnessed that the only thing that is standing between someone and their success is their own self limiting beliefs, so part of what I will work on with you is your own mind.

In fact this is probably my greatest passion - the mind-body connection and how we are co-creators of our own universe. Get your own head right, and the world is your lobster (as my children would say).

Yoga teaching is a tremendously rewarding and challenging business. To succeed you have to develop business acumen, a keen sense for marketing, and what works. Louise has been there, done it, and wears the T-Shirt. That matters enormously. I have found her to be very practical in her approach and totally supportive. She dragged out what I was trying to achieve and to filter out distractions. Together we built a new website and a Business Plan which reflects these priorities. I repose total confidence in her ability and highly recommend her to anyone who needs help to bring some steerage and expertise, based upon experience and business nouse, to their enterprise. J.L.

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