How To Make A Successful Career As A Yoga Teacher

It all comes down to three things.

1. Vision

The I Ching talks a lot about ‘having a place to go, the universe supports this’ and it has been my experience that this is 100% true. Impose direction. What is it you want to do? Be detailed, be grand, be world conquering! I recently met someone with a great passion to take yoga to the older age group. When i asked her about her vision it was to ‘run a class for older people’. Hmmm. We worked on this. In the end in turns out her vision was to have ‘a subsidised class for older people in every community centre in the country’. Now THAT’S a vision, and the universe supports that. Even if you don’t get all the way, you will get a lot further than if you limit yourself to one class.

2. Work on yourself

  • Meditate. Practice yoga. Meditate.
  • Take professional development workshops & courses. All the time.
  • Be true to your passion (don’t look for a niche in the market and teach that. Teach what you love even if that is what everyone else is teaching!)
  • Be kind. Nurture relationships - with other teachers, venues, absolutely everyone you do business or come into contact with . Sow the seeds of kindness today and you will reap tomorrow.
  • Be open and kind to your students. Give them time and always put them first. No such thing as a ‘bad day’. These people look up to you.
  • Do NOT indulge in limiting beliefs. It has been my experience that usually the only thing holding people back from success is their own self limiting beliefs. You know those ‘buts’ that you put before anything. Be positive! Be optimistic! Use positive affirmations. Meditate. We now banish the word ‘difficult from my business workshops. If you start out thinking things are difficult…...

3. Marketing

This is the big one folks. We start out on my marketing workshop asking the question ‘why do we do marketing?’ 10 mins later everyone has had something to say, but no-one has come up with the right answer. The reason we do marketing folks is to make sales! Marketing is a big subject, but if you let this one thing underpin everything you do with your marketing, you won’t go far wrong. Better marketing = more sales = full classes = successful you :).

So look for a course that will not only each you to teach yoga. Look for a course that will teach you to manage your ‘career’ and some essential yoga business tips. And if it’s too late to change, or you are already teaching take some yoga business workshops or marketing courses.